Pardon My Absence

Posted on Oct 1st 4:51 PM by Cody

If you scroll through here, you'll notice that I don't make a lot of posts or updates. To be honest, this is the first post in two years. I rarely do anything with the site since I'm really not that great at web work, and haven't really ever decided what I wanted to do with it so I didn't have anyone work on it. Eventually I'd like to update and maintain the site, or have someone else take care of that for me, but for now it's just not something that I have a lot of time for.

With that being said, you can find me (just as inactive) on Facebook, or sometimes a little active on Twitter. If you're looking to get in touch, email me at and I'll get it immediately. Otherwise, thanks for the visit!

Updates General

Posted on Oct 8th 9:58 PM by Dj Cryonic

So there are several important changes that everyone should be aware of. First, my new email is, so for any kind of contact use that. For example, you could send in a review of a show you hired me for or saw me at. Or just my personality (: The point is, I'm adding a "Reviews" section to the site. Finally, show prices are changing. I don't have the updated sheet ready to post, but the major thing is that weddings are now a bit more expensive. Still under $100 an hour, though.

As for updates, I have a gig this month and another callback next month. Keep em coming guys! Cryonic out.


Posted on Jul 22nd 9:34 PM by Dj Cryonic

Once again, huge congrats to the new Dr. & Mrs. Snyder! Received tons of compliments for the reception. I got to see some old classmates and others, which was cool.

New Arrival!!!

Posted on Jun 29th 4:57 PM by Cody

Cryonic Jr. is here! Our beautiful baby boy was born Wednesday afternoon and is a very healthy guy. The Dj Cryonic family just got a little bigger.

Upcoming Gigs

Posted on Apr 6th 6:28 PM by Cody

Getting those gigs! So far, I have 2 weddings and a post prom locked in. In case you didn't know, I do a lot more than just play sets online or at Fire Escape. I also cover wedding receptions, birthday parties, holiday events, and just about any other kind of reason who'd have to have music played! If you want to contact me for more information about playing a gig or to schedule me, email me at


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